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Cavotec is a multi-national group of companies serving the mining and tunnelling, ports and maritone, steel and aluminium, energy and offshore, airports, general industry and automation.
Electrical Engineering Equipment in turn are the exclusive Cavotec distributor for Southern NSW, ranging from Southern Sydney to the Victorian Border, including the ACT and West including Cowra, Griffith and surrounds.
The Cavotec product range includes: conductor bar from Vahle, festoon or catenary systems, flexible cables from Alfo, Prysmian (Pirelli), TratosAmercable and Vahle, motorised and spring powered cable reels from Alfo and Specimas,
slipring columns from Alfo and Specimas, energy chain from Brevetti, radio control from Microcontroljoystick control from Gessmann, cabins and consoles from Brieda, rail clips from Gantrex, connectors, mooring systems from MoorMaster.
For more information on individual product groups please click on them above.