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Sunlec International
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Sunlec International are the exclusive Australia and New Zealand importer for the 3M Grafoplast range of cable marking equipment.
Electrical Engineering Equipment in turn are the exclusive Sunlec International distributor for Southern NSW, ranging from Southern Sydney to the Victorian Border, including the ACT and West including Cowra, Griffith and surrounds.
The product range includes: Grafoplast Manual "Pick" systems, Grafoplast Thermal Printers, Sunlec Mobile Printers,
Cable Ties, Stainless Steel Ties, and an "In-House" marking service for creating cable and core numbers, as well as engraved Stainless Steel tags.
Electrical Engineering Equipment stock the Grafoplast Manual Pick system and consumables in Wollongong, as well as the Sunlec Mobile Printer. Electrical Engineering Equipment also stock consumables for both the Grafoplast Thermal Printer, and Sunlec Mobile Printer.
For more information on individual product groups please click on them above.
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